- 21st of January, the movie: -

  It was between January and March 2008, two years ago; my first steps alone on the road.
I took a camera in my backpack with the vague idea of ​​filming my trip and sharing it with as many people as possible. Two months later, I came back home with eight hours of images and interviews, spread over twelve countries.
Two years later, the film is ready. I had no idea during of the script, the subjects I could tackle or the kind of people to interview.
Everything was done at random from the road and meetings.

  The film can then seem a little disjointed and the passages in some countries a little briefs. Idealism might also be too present. What I say is only my opinion, and what I want to show is a certain vision of our continent. The vision of someone who travels to get to know who's the Other.
This film served as a school for my future projects, and I hope that it will serve you as a base for another approach of our neighbors. By travelling and by the people we can meet every day, wherever we are. I hope you enjoy this film, and see you very soon for a long, very long journey!
P.S: For the few spelling mistakes in the subtitles... Sawrry.


  1. Very well done videos !

  2. Good movie and good way to travel.
    Keep walking dude :)

  3. yeah that's nice !

  4. Nice way to see Europe, I enjoy watching it:) Good luck for the next one:)