- 21st of January, sixth part -

  Sixth part of the movie 21st of January, shot in 2008, between Faro, Lisbon and Porto. Complete movie HERE!


  1. how long time have you been in porto?
    u just have a few seconds in your movie . . .

  2. Couple of days, I had my plane to go back in France there.
    And as I said, I let my camera aside, sorry if there is no more shooting... But that's a really beautiful town, I hope I'll be back there soon !

  3. I just watched it all... Liked the "no museums" approach :) I have always believed that to know a city or a country you must first spend time knowing the people and the little places :) Then you can move to the other stuff.

    Very good work and great way to end your trip, Porto :)

    Best wishes!

  4. Hey Clement,

    Im an Australian backpacker who's set to hit Europe any day now. I just watch your videos and they were awesome! I loved your optimistic outlook on life, even when your bus broke down, and the way you demonstrated our bonds of humanity regardless of place or nationality. You have reinvigorised me for my trip and for my coming adventure.

    Safe travels

  5. Nice work! Keep walking dude:)

  6. Thanks for al your messages, see you around !