- 2010 TOUR: PARIS -

  Damn it's hard! Between the shooting, the editing, the writing of the voice-over and the Harrap’s to open to do the subtitles... But the first report of the trip is ready, and that’s the most important.
I stayed five days in Paris; five days actually used to put everything up more than really looking for pictures. With the montage of the movie serie's credits in an evangelical church of Ivry (chance sometimes has its mysteries), the new layout of the blog made in a youth hostel of Créteil (yes) and nevertheless, I must admit, the call of the beer, I didn't have too much time.
This is where the lively Sami, a Parisian friend with a somewhat southern French accent, in addition of giving me a place in his living room was able to provide me with the images and the words I needed.
Basically, to say there's  not just Haussmann’s Paris and to make you want to see what’s really going on with the locals.
Today I am in Brussels, in the Saint-Gilles district. Beautiful images of fries, transvestites, and the return of a protagonist from my movie "21st of january" are to follow.
Thanks for your attention, hugs!


  1. Victor Noir. mmmmmm... I spent 2 days on cementaries in Paris enjoying them more than anythin else hence I like the proposal of experiencing Paris given by U. especially couse it is not obvious, not touristic, not glamour. and it has to be said that experiencing other places always equals experiencing Urself. i like it couse Ur Paris lies somewhere between U and people U ve met. so u never know what will occure, what will be said & what will be omitted. it remainds me the technics of Internationale Situationiste from Paris 68 and their idea of exploring the space just by walking without the reason and goal. they belived that only then somethin really significant may happen. Une dérive dans Paris!

  2. You get the point Hanukah, thanks for your comment:)