- TOUR 2010 : LVIV -

  "Lviv, here we are at the next stop..."
The first day in this city was wonderful. As I say in this film, I arrived at seven in the morning in the train station area, and this is where I spent most of my time outside. It means until eight o'clock in the evening; time to meet with Iryna.
A great day, spent with the interesting people of the train stations (noticeably similar in all countries) drinking coffee and eating roasted chicken.
Then... I spent three days editing Krakow's movie on the balcony of my esteemed host.
So without taking pictures of the city, how do you talk about it? I have no idea, so I didn't. But I was however able to show the kind of person with whom you can have a good time on night trains.
I'm not going to tell everything, but I just add for clarification that during the whole evening I understood absolutely nothing of what my new friends were saying... whatever, their meeting was one of the most pleasant of this trip, and a solid proof of Ukrainian amenity.
If by any chance - by some miracle - they come across this site, I would like to wish them health and wealth as they did for me!
As for you, it's the same! Hugs, and see you in Kiev!
Ho, and thank you also to the gentleman we see sleeping near the end, he spontaneously gave me a banana for breakfast.


  1. hyhy... at first i thought "fuck, where is Lviv here?" but then a golden idea appeared! booom! i don't give a shit couse don't even want U to become my guide book. not a guide book, but a kind of my private filter to experience the reality hehe as I really enjoy Ur individual way of perceiving! And as U got friends with Orest & Ruslan Romanovich which means drunk & cried together hehe U got to the very core of Ukrainian melancholic soul. reeeesppppeccct hehe.

  2. Héhé, that's exactly what I felt during the time I made the movie... "Where the fuck is Lviv there" ?!!! I think you got the meaning of all my work! Not to be a guide book, but a private filter:) I'm Happy that people (at least you, héhé) understand it!
    And God,I love so much that Ukrainian melancholic soul!

  3. J'y repenserai à deux fois avant de me plaindre des wagons de la sncf.....:)

  4. Hi,Clement! My name is Iryna, as well as your Ukrainian friend)) Do u remember talking with me?)) he-he)) When u where at that train your new friend Misha suggested you talking with me on the phone)) I was glad to talk with you. Except English I also speak French but not very well. I understand all the commentaries but it's hard for me to speak French as well as English)) Have u visited all that places u mentioned or not? Because I don't see in your video anything except the very railway station)) If u wish u can send me e-mail (mousyaka@ukr.net)and me can chat a little))

  5. Yes I remember! Phone did'nt worked really well:) For the places no, I did'nt. It's Iryna who kindly gived me these informations. And well, héhé, let's chat on mail:)
    That's good if Misha and the others saw the clip, I just realized that I forgot to send them a message...
    Wish you he best!

  6. hi, new to the site, thanks.