- TOUR 2010: ODESSA -

  Odesalsa I should say. I am so disappointed. Such a pretty city…
Who knows why, the spell (and the fact that I'm a little dumb) decided to make me lose half of the recording, covered by a moldovan salsa bar. In a way it allows me to work faster. But it was laborious to find out what to say with so few images!
The two moments when Sergei speaks are the only ones I have left from his interview. Hard to find a link between twenty seconds on the covered markets and two minutes on the gregarious instinct! Anyway, I did what I could, and I'll above all make sure that this does not happen again.
On a personnal point of view this stop was mainly used to work on movies, apart from a few escapades in the city center and, ho surprise, on a nudist beach...
There was a second fortuity: my travel plan. If you look at the map I posted at the start of this trip, I'm supposed to be in Georgia… But not having the 160 euros necessary to pay for the trip, I had to make up my mind to return early ti the no less nice Balkans!
So here we are, Odessa, it's done. Chișinău is already shot, the cassettes are saved and editing is in progress.
And the kisses that I send to you come from Bucharest, where the shooting is on the right track!


  1. :) The part with the salsa that interferes seemed fun for me..well...in fact, funny is the way you explained what happened with the recording...