- 2010 TOUR: SKOPJE -

  Three weeks after leaving Skopje, here is the movie!
Three problems created this delay. The two ones, which are not: the return to Belgrade, and the reunion with French friends at the Guča festival; two events which reduced my working capacity to nothing.
The third problem is the loss of my wallet, my papers, and my budget in this same festival.

  Skopje. This is the fourth time I'm visiting this city, and it is truly a place that can be described as "nice". The center is filled with Ottoman style streets, another part of the city is swollen with large communist buildings and we can find, finally, the largest gypsy district of Europe on the outskirts... Nice place.
As for the axis of the film, I decided to show the political mess that reigns there. Not that I like it, but simply because few people are aware of the identity difficulties that Macedonia is going through.
You can see in this report Emma, ​​a very nice Swedish punk volunteer, Slobodan, a playful history teacher, and Lidija, a skeptical architect. Finally comes Georges, a Macedonian expatriate who lived 40 years in Seine-Saint-Denis, who sits on peaceful retirement days in Macedonia and who, in addition of giving me a ride, was kind enough to stop by a small lake to enjoy Macedonian nature.
These are all the characters from the film, with a special guest at the end. A gifted singer. Lacal crooner.
See you in Thessaloniki!


  1. I saw the core of this film while it was still under construction :)), but I like the final outcome very much. Good job, like the redhead`s points a lot. :)) Again, you are breaking the boundaries and prejudices, and really persuadING a person to visit this place one day. :)

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  3. Héhé, merci pour tes encouragements ! Je suis content que tu parles de la scène de Georges du 9-3, elle me tenait à coeur. Surtout l'introduction. Dommage qu'il t'ai pas pris, il est super sympa ce mec ! Bonne continuation et à plus quelque part !

    And thanks for your support Nataša;)

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