Three weeks after saying that after three weeks late it will be ready on Monday, it's done!
But fate was against me. My computer listened to my prayers and decided to crash right after the trip. At least it kept the level four months in a dirty green backpack, which is not given to everyone...
Once a new computer bought, indebted but happy, I went back to editing.
From my point of view, Thessaloniki is a great city. Because it’s big but quiet, so it has a lot of advantages without too many disadvantages.
Like many other cities in Greece, Thessaloniki is an anarchic aggregation of sixties buildings, sprinkled with ancient ruins. The buildings are not so ugly, the architects had the good sense to fill them with balconies and colored blinds which give them a certain charm.
And for those who love history and ruins, this place is happiness! I had already been to Greece the year before (with the beautiful girl you see holding her backpacker's guide) and for the first time I had left a little room for historical visits in my trips. It keeps busy, and improve culture, that's good.
See you next week, higher in the Balkans!


  1. It's very nice, indeed. However i didn't understand by "If you go there you will have to bear the gyros under 35 degrees".

  2. Héhé, thank you. The gyros it's actually because I mostly feed myself with junkfood, and since there is mostly gyros in Greece, I had to eat it twice a day during my stay... And to eat that under the sun seems like a sport to me! That's what I meant:)