Eight months after its shooting, here is the last film of my 2010 trip!
After 120 days of traveling, the urge to settle down began to be felt. And it became a sad necessity after the theft of my wallet in Serbia.
With no ID and 50 € in the pocket, I had to come back to France quickly. I did not even took the time to buy a burek passing through Ljubljana but, after two days of stop, first break: Montpellier, where I met my great friend Margo, which speaks perfectly of the feelies one can feel once being back from a big trip.
After a short visit to Toulouse to say hello to friends and to Montauban to say hello to the family, direction the last stop: Paris.
Paris where the circle of the trip is complete. There I came across a protest concerning Romani condition, which allowed me to deviate to the second part of the movie and which also leads to the conclusion for this series of films: European borders are foolish, flags are dangerous and prejudices are stupid.

So much for 2010! And it's back for a new Tour in 2011. I am writing this post directly from my new trip. And I'm in Ljubljana, where I could take all my time to eat a big burek.
No editing on the road this time, I will enjoy the trip a little more and do everything once back. Probably by September... see you soon!

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