First of all, THANK YOU! Thanks to the people of Tromsø who, by their generosity, allowed me to go to Svalbard.
Since I'm a bit short of money, I began to beg in Finland and, after this really nice stop at Nordkapp, in Tromso (cf. pict below the video). As it were written on my sign, the money collected were used to buy a plane ticket to Longyearbyen, beers, and a boat trip to Pyramiden (200€ for the plane and 160€ for the boat).
What is this place is shortly explained in the beggining of the video, but what I've tried to share by this movie is the feeling you can have when you're entering this area.

  A ghost Soviet city, built on an island far from everything, with not even a tree around. This place was for me like the definition of history. One ideal in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thousands years old glaciers. Everything is there, with no use of word or text, to explain the insignificant effect of men and their idea on nature and time.

  That's something, even cliché aside. Add to that that Suliko, a Georgian poem singt by the red army choir, the fact that it was the favourite song of Joseph Stalin and the meaning of this song and you'll have, maybe, what I've felt when I was there. Enjoy!

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