- 2012 PROGRAM -

  The last journey ended in early November 2012, after more than six months of hitchhiking across Europe. Since the end of the trip I'm back in Toulouse, hosted by a friend before finding a new flat, and cutting gradually the twelve films planned for the session 2011 that will be, in fact, the session 2012. One movie will be released every fortnight. In short, you'll be glad to see:

-A film about universalism and yugo-nostalgia in Ljubljana.
-A film about the rights of minorities in Budapest, by speaking and meeting with two of them: Gays and Romanis.
-A film about theater, Smurfs and censorship in Poland.
-A film about religion and freedom of speech in Latvia.
-A film about street art and the concept of beauty in Estonia.
-A film about the extreme right and people who do not like this between Lithuania and Finland.
-A film about travelling, in all ways, in Norway (Beware of the wonderfull Svalbard).
-A film about feminism in Sweden.
-A film about the rights of immigrants in Denmark.
-A film about eroticism in Berlin (very hot).
-A film about homeless people between Amsterdam, Brussels and Toulouse.
-A film about the fight against job precariusness and social insecurity in Paris.

So here comes a nice series of film!
By the way you'll have the pleasure to hear and discover in these twelve movies:
Magnifico, Antal Kovács, Krystian Legierski, Thom Thom Schmidt, people from Fuck For Forest, Arlette Laguiller, Benoit Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and dozens of others anonymous, worth to meet and listen... See ya soon !


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